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Cayman Islands Land , Cayman Brac Land

 Little Cayman Point Of Sand
The Water Authority (WA) has begun laying new pipeline in the West End of Cayman Brac, which will be followed by an upgrade to the water pipes servicing the island’s main tourism area, including the Alexander Hotel, the Brac Reef Beach Resort and the Brac Caribbean and Carib Sands condominiums. Currently this area receives water piped under airport property, which the WA has said must be removed to comply with revised international safety standards. New pipes now being laid along Gerrard Smith Avenue, from the Cross Road to Bert Marson Drive on the South Side, will connect to the water piped along the southwest down to the Brac Reef. The WA says the project is part of its 10-year capital plan to expand its water infrastructure on the island.

“The existing water distribution system was installed in 1991, and has not been extended significantly over the last 20+ years,” said WA Deputy Director Tom van Zanten. “Since then several homes have been constructed on the side roads off Gerrard Smith Avenue which do not have access to piped water. Also some land owners in this area have indicated that they would build homes if piped water was available.