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What is Atlantic Gateway?

Atlantic Gateway is the most significant opportunity in the UK to attract investment, accelerate growth and rebalance the economy. It is a proposition to create a critical mass to achieve a new level of growth not previously achieved in the UK outside of London.

By 2030, there is the potential for some 250,000 new jobs to be created in the Atlantic Gateway area and around 140,000 of these jobs will be associated with Atlantic Gateway priority projects, involving £14 billion of new investment.

With a private sector Board, it’s vision is to maximise investment into the Atlantic Gateway area and support the delivery of major projects by local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) and other partners. Drawing upon the area’s assets and scale of the development opportunities, Atlantic Gateway has the potential to become a major brand to leverage private sector investment and other funding opportunities.

It represents an opportunity to invest in high growth innovation driven sectors and major large scale infrastructure projects that will stimulate demand in the economy much quicker than supply side measures. Atlantic Gateway identifies the strategic assets and opportunities across the area and provides the forum for a greater degree of collaboration across LEPs to accelerate investment and growth. It also provides a medium for working across Government to inform policy and establish national priorities for investment to rebalance the economy. Atlantic Gateway also provides a platform to promote low carbon sustainable growth and support the development of green infrastructure.