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The polls have opened

The polls have opened and Britain can finally have its say on whether to stay in the EU or cut our ties with Brussels after a gruelling 10-week campaign. More than 46.5million are registered to vote today in a referendum many say is now too close to call.

But torrential rain and flooding caused chaos across London and the south of England overnight, which could reduce turnout and potentially push the result towards a Brexit.

Polling data has made it clear Leave voters tend to be more determined than Remain voters and are less likely to be put off by the bad weather.

The battle for Britain’s future was on a knife edge last night with the final EU referendum polls making the contest too close to call.

An exclusive survey gave the Remain camp a lead of six points, by 48 per cent to 42 per cent – but 11 per cent of electors said they were still undecided. Today’s EU vote is a historic day for Britain because it is only the third nationwide referendum ever to take place in the UK.