Scarisbrick Hall and School open day is a roaring success! – Katar Investments


Scarisbrick Hall and School open day is a roaring success!

Good afternoon Sam


I thought it would be helpful to give you feedback following the very successful open day held at Scarisbrick Hall on Saturday the 5th October.

I attended the open day personally but mingled with the visitors as just another visitor for the purpose of gauging prospective parents perception of the event and our Schools, in my past five years involvement with the School I have never witnessed such a positive response to our School and the promotional event, there we a total of 34 family groups attended, twice our normal attendance at such an event.

The weather was good and the grounds, lawns were well manicured and looked spectacular, children were sailing on the lake and a range of sporting activities were taking place. The event was well supported by staff and pupils who had given up their Saturday morning willingly to support the promotion of our School, pupils were in their school uniforms and were actively taking part in many demonstrations of a typical day of teaching and learning at Scarisbrick Hall Schools. I must admit to feeling very proud of the commitment shown by the pupils and the team, this enthusiasm created a great deal of excitement and genuine interest  in the unique educational offering in such an idyllic setting.

You will recall I showed you our new Jungle Forrest facility for the early years outside forest school facility, this was a big draw to families when they could experience first hand the natural, nurturing  environment in our extensive woodland area. The forest campsite along with camp fire was  a pretty unique experience and listening to parents it was clear they had never seen anything like it with many parents becoming committed to joining  our School from this experience alone.

The event was so busy and the level of interest so high the time of the event was extended by two hours so as to give the Headmasters time to meet individual families who were cuing, this has resulted in two children starting our school this week following an assessment with a further 7 booked in for assessment next week, this has meant there is significant demand for additional teaching space, the total number of qualified enquires for places in our School is now a staggering 95.

Comments from staff who acted as guides  on show around was extremely positive and they were telling me this was the best event for new recruits ever, some year groups are now oversubscribed and on waiting lists and our Nursery has no vacancies until July next year.

We are keen to proceed with the next phase of development to maximise the opportunity we have invested in over the past couple of years,  this will double our Nursery provision, enable new class year groups to be introduced in First School, the building of the new Science facility and restoration of the Main Hall.

I hope the above is helpful as I appreciate your efforts on our behalf so I thought you would be pleased at the progress we are making and the response from the community that we believe has become fully engaged in this exciting development program and many wanting to make sure their children have a place. I look forward  to further feedback on investments to facilitate the program.

Kind regards