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Poll reveals how British people think their homes will be powered in the future

A wind turbine in the garden and electronic devices driven by exercise equipment are some of the revolutionary changes home owners in the UK can look forward to according to a new poll.

Home owners certainly see homes being powered in a very different way from the current reliance on electricity from the national grid.

A survey conducted by Gocompare Energy reveals that people think that in the future there will be wind turbines in gardens creating a personal power supply and little water turbines in gutter pipes and bathroom drains to harness further power.

Other ideas that could become a reality include homes being roofed with tiles that have inbuilt solar technology while some of the more whacky ideas include floorboards that harvest energy as you walk across them.

The poll asked if people thought that there would be changes in the way homes are powered in the future and the vast majority, 91%, stated that they thought there would. Of these, 84% believed power would come from ‘more sustainable sources’, with a further 61% believing that UK homes will become more ‘self-sufficient and independent’. Some 9% believed that homes will not be powered by any mains gas or electricity at all in the future.

Some 55% thought appliances will be powered by exercise devices in the home, 51% believed that energy could be harnesses from water flowing through household drains and 43% thought gutters could generate power when it rains.

Another 39% could believe that all roof tiles will automatically harness power from the sun and 22% could foresee a future with a wind turbine attached to every home while 14% thought flooring could be used to generate energy.

In addition to these, 8% of respondents believed that certain modern gadgets that require a lot of energy would be banned in the future, including appliances such as kettles and washing machines and overall a third of respondents believed that these predictions could come into effect as soon as 2020.

‘It’s been fascinating to see what energy innovations people think we could see in our homes in the future. It’s no wonder that we are starting to see more people considering the sustainability of our power sources but that’s not to say that washing machines are going to be outlawed any time soon. If anything, they will just become more energy efficient,’ said Ben Wilson, an energy expert at Gocompare Energy.

‘What’s particularly interesting is that some of these predictions aren’t necessarily that farfetched. I could well envisage a workout station where you can charge your mobile phone while you work up a sweat, or the advance of solar technology to make it all a little more aesthetically pleasing for UK rooftops,’ he explained.

‘The industry is fast paced and alternative and renewable energy providers are constantly looking for new ways to generate power, so I could see some of these coming to British homes very soon,’ he added