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Dubai decided to conquer the skies ahead of Expo 2020

Long known as a key nodal point in the brisk global maritime trade routes, Dubai decided to conquer the skies and capitalise further on its strategic geographical location, creating an impressive aviation sector that is undeniably the bedrock of its economy.

Not merely content with the world’s busiest airport or one of the top global flagship airlines, Dubai adopted a hub strategy, allowing the aviation sector’s growth to feed into that of others. An effective strategy, considering the growth in aviation has been a powerful catalyst for other sectors, notably logistics. Aviation and logistics are the key drivers of Dubai’s economy.

Employing its mantra for success by capitalising on existing growth sectors, Dubai decided to raise the bar on its own ambitions. Combining together global-level maritime, aviation and land transport modes in an effort to go beyond being an aviation or redistribution hub, Dubai is set to become the aviation capital of the world.

Dubai South is the principal player in fulfilling that vision. It is a 145 sq km integrated urban destination, as well as the first master-planned aerotropolis, built around the Al Maktoum International Airport, the largest airport in the making and also home to Expo 2020 Dubai.


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