Airports make up to 70% profit on car parking charges. – Katar Investments


Airports make up to 70% profit on car parking charges.

Sydney and Melbourne airports are making more than 70% profit on car parking according to a new report by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.
The ACCC blamed a “lack of competitive pressure” for the high profit margins enjoyed by Australia’s international airports, including in Brisbane and Perth. The report also found that airports were charging record mark-ups for air services, taking advantage of their “unconstrained monopoly” to boost profits while letting service quality slip. More than 50% of every dollar charged by Sydney airport in the past financial year for the use of its runways, taxiways and parking bays, was profit, according to the report.

Off site airport parking is in high demand all over the world as the cost of on site parking increases, the cost of off site parking is a fraction of the charges within the airport complex and with convenient regular shuttle buses giving easy access travelers are choosing to park a few minutes from the airport and save a small fortune in the process.

With the advent of the Park Mark it is now easier than ever to avoid the rouge car park operators and choose the Park Mark approved car parks in the correct location for you.
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