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New Media Investment from $40,000

40,000 $


Investing in an ever expanding and exciting new development in Digital Display Advertising makes perfect financial sense for investors worldwide. Outdoor Advertising has long been a highly profitable industry; Enlightening Media is proud to make it accessible to all, with fractional ownership displays being available to purchase in some of the busiest parts of the planet from just $40,000.
New Beginnings – Outdoor Advertising is at the beginning of a large transformation from traditional static Billboards to Digital High Definition LED Display Boards. The dynamism and flexibility of a Digital Outdoor Billable Board (Billboard) is increasing the market share in this highly effective advertising media.
Fixed rental return for the first two years of 8% per annum
Followed by options to extend through the term with a fixed 8% per annum return for up to 6 years (maximum) in term, in addition you can choose to break the fixed return for a two thirds return of income.
With projected yields of 10% – 12% per annum from year three onwards.
Each board is individually owned by a separate company, with investors receiving a company share certificate of ownership.
At maturity investors receive 112% of their original investment amount.
The iLine strategy is to secure strategic sites located in some of the busiest cities on the planet, where the currency in the locations is either Euro, Sterling, United States Dollar or currencies pegged to the Dollar.
Katar Investments are fortunate enough to be the first to launch this to investors worldwide. Because of this we are able to offer an introductory offer to investors for the first 10 investors only:

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