Developer Loan Note offering from 15% – Katar Investments

Developer Loan Note offering from 15%

10,000 £


Short term investment opportunity.

Developer est since 2003.

Loan note terms of 2 years with income and deferred interest options.

Minimum investment of £5,000.

Interest earned will be 10 % to 12 % per annum dependent on type of loan note chosen – Income option of 5% paid every 6 months

Bonus of 4 % on the 2 Year Deferred option.

Secured with a first legal charge over properties purchased and a fixed and floating Debenture.

Security Trustee appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders.

The developers are experts at mitigating risk by identifying the end user prior to project commitment. Utilising strong contacts, agreements can be made prior to land purchase with, for example, housing associations, pension and PRS funds as well as retailers such as McDonald’s, Lidl, Aldi, Subway and The Range. It would be rare for us to be involved with speculative projects. Hence the end user is usually identified before funds are committed.

Example Investment Products (see enclosed product term sheets)

A 3 year and 5 year loan note instrument approved by a number of pension platforms
A 2 year loan note cash investment instrument with six monthly coupon payments


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