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Welcome to the World !

The Heart of Europe in Dubai is made up of six islands: Main Europe, The Floating Venice, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and St. Petersburg. The islands span six million square feet and will be able to accommodate up to 16,000 people at any one time. All six islands will be connected via bridges and will be accessible by boat, seaplane and helicopter. There will be no traditional fuel vehicles permitted on the islands to create the perfect island experience.

The Heart of Europe will boast 13 hotels & resorts and many unique features, yet to be seen anywhere else in the world. These include:

  • Dubai’s first exclusive vacation resort with some of the world’s most sought after holiday homes.
  • The Heart of Europe will be home to the world’s first climate controlled streets (rainy streets and a snow plaza) allowing the destination to offer an all year round holiday season.
  • The Heart of Europe will feature Dubai’s first five star family hotel, a six star hotel, two seven star hotels and ten five star hotels. (The only island resort in the world that offers such varied facilities). Among these properties there will be a one key luxurious hotel, a party hotel, boutique hotels, a medical/wellness hotel and a pet friendly hotel.
  • 51 European countries represented across a plethora of authentic cafes and restaurants (including floating restaurants, bars and a member’s only floating yacht club).
  • Exciting nightlife (24/7) to suit all ages and interests.
  • A unique European shopping experience.
  • Home to The Floating Seahorse, the world’s first luxury underwater living experience with a view to the world’s largest natural aquarium – The Arabian Gulf
  • The resort will feature over 100,000 natural corals and its own dedicated coral nursery.
  • An underwater heritage museum.
  • A permanent circus run by a renowned European brand.
  • A calendar of annual events and celebrations including a circus festival, crayfish parties, Oktoberfest and much more.
  • A daily night show “spectacular” for all ages (fireworks, light shows, pyrotechnics, 3D mapping).
  • Majestic beachfront seven bedroom Sweden Palaces furnished by Bentley Home with their own private snow/sauna room and private beach (the only private beach villas in the world where you actually own the beach).
  • An Olympic pool with glass sides designed for watching synchronised swimming and swim related training and competitions.
  • Ancient Mediterranean trees which range from 100 to 1,500 years old (imported from Andalucía in southern Spain).