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Last chance to make a difference (advanced warning)

Grow Biotech offer closing this month: our most successful EIS investment opportunity is closing this month thanks to the unprecedented response from our existing client base.

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Widely thought to be the fastest growing industry in the world

Legal cannabis forecast to grow from a $20bn global industry to $100bn by 2020

The European Legal Cannabis Market alone is estimated to be a €56 billion opportunity

The list of potential uses and medical treatments is very broad but the scientific work still needs to be done

Big Pharma are largely staying out of the legal cannabis which creates a huge opportunity for cannabis specific biotech companies


Grow Biotech truly believes in the incredible power of the cannabis plant. We approach cannabis science with a global and nimble mindset with the goal of making significant advances in scientific and medical understanding of cannabis. We ultimately aim to capture the greatest scientific, medical and commercial cannabis opportunities. Our leadership team have extensive experience in cannabis, scientific research, product development, finance, and sales, as well as a huge global network in the industry.