Glasgow Airport Car Park Progress – Katar Investments


Glasgow Airport Car Park Progress

Harbour Road Car Park:
The redevelopment has started and is well underway,  tidying the site and the redesign to make room for the extra spaces is almost complete, construction of the entrance and reception block will start soon , the refurbishment and development program is on schedule to be completed by mid-October and in use by the end of October, the official opening is planned for the beginning of November.

Beacon Parking Services:
 This company is possibly one of the most exciting companies we are working with, whilst CCTV is the most interesting thing in the world, the Technology Mark Howarth, the owner, has developed and is developing is outstanding. The cost is not inconsiderable at over £176,000.00 however it is worth every penny. The system we are putting in place, will help make Harbour Road one of the most sophisticated car parks in the UK, if not the world. This is an updated and improved system as the one that is installed in Manchester and Dubai airport. The system behind ANPR is amazing and the data and information capture will be vital to again establish the success of Harbour Road

My Easy Park:
Will be running the car park, the team has been hand selected by the team leader, Lorna, and she will be starting training, testing and prepping to her team to be fully operational for the 1st October. Whilst the car park will not be completed and handed over by then for public use, it gives Lorna and her team 3 weeks for testing, simulations and debugging the system and processes. As with all new operations the testing period is vital  to ensure that when the public ‘come through the door’ for the first time then, their experience is seamless, and enjoyable and a world class service.