Billions of pounds is being spent on infrastructure. – Katar Investments


Billions of pounds is being spent on infrastructure.

Billions of pounds is being spent on infrastructure investment, with new tram lines, office blocks and public squares planned as the city centre is remodeled.

The city has also been named as a host city partner of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, news which is likely to bring further economic and cultural benefits.

Two High Speed 2 (HS2) railway stations are being built, which will shorten journey times to and from the capital to under 50 mins.


Where are we talking about ?

Birmingham was the most popular city destination for those migrating from London in 2017, ahead of cities including Manchester, Leeds and Bristol, according to data from the ONS.

The age breakdown of those arriving from London is also significant, indicating that, while a large number  of those of student age are attracted  to the city due to its high quality universities, a number of movers are also young workers and families.

The pace and the scale of economic growth across the West Midlands has been significant over the past few years. The level of new enterprises created demonstrates how the area is an alternative to London as a business hub.

In Birmingham alone, HSBC is currently establishing a retail banking headquarters while Deutsche Bank already has a trading floor and back office jobs in the city. HMRC has announced plans to move a large number of staff to the city centre from 2020, while the city is also on the shortlist as the new home for Channel 4, alongside nearby Coventry.